Bachelors, International Year One and Top Up Programmes

Bachelors Programme

A bachelors programme is a 3-4 years programme dependent on course and country of study where upon completion student gets a Bachelor’s degree meaning the student has the skills and training to practice.

Our partnership with a large number of top-rated Colleges and Universities across the globe makes it easy for us to place our students into the University of their choice if they meet their requirements.

International Year One (IYO) and Top Up Programme

This programme is for students who have taken a foundation programme in their home country and are seeking to come into the UK to commence a Bachelors programme. In this case, student would take an IYO programme and upon completion progress to year 2.

However, this is different in the case of a Top Up programme. Top up programmes are designed for students with a Third Class or HND certificate. The programme allows the student to complete the total requirements required for a Bachelors programme (for one year) and then conferred with a Bachelors degree. For Third class students, they can use this new certificate instead of their third class certificate.

Entry Requirements

Below are the admission requirements for the Bachelors programme should you pick an interest in any of the programmes.

• WAEC/NECO Result Certificate

• Copy of International Passport Data Page

• IELTS results

• Transcript

To apply for the Bachelors, International Year One & Top Up Progamme, kindly fill the form below.

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    If you would like to make a decision on your future, contact our education consultants for advice on what country, university, and course matches your skill.