Company Overview

Yes You Can is a Management & Education Consulting firm. Our aim is to help our clients become more valuable in their marketplace. Our focus and expertise is within the Education and Management Sector.


Since inception we have been operating on the principle that consultants should deliver results not just reports to their clients. Ever since, we have worked with various clients from various industries. Our success is measured by our clients’ results

  • Our preference is to align our economics with those of our clients, so that we prosper only if our clients prosper
  • We tell it like it is even if our clients don’t want to hear it

Over the years we have been building the right team that can consistently proffer right solutions to our clients.

Yes You Can Education

On the other hand, we have worked with several Institutions to prepare and recruit students who have the right grades to pursue higher education at various prestigious schools outside Nigeria. The aim of this is, right education prepares and builds the confidence level of individuals and are able to create, invent and provide real life solutions facing the Nigerian economy or wherever country they may end up finding themselves. Furthermore, we have also partnered with several institutions to make available online learning for individuals who desire to pursue a higher education but as a result of family, work or finance are unable to do so.

We offer e-learning training programmes for school teachers in the category of Social Pedagogy, Child Adolescent Mental Health, Child Psychology, Guidance Counselling and more.

How we work

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We offer bespoke training programmes for our clients and also market leadership training programmes that are popular worldwide from institutions such as the University of Derby and Harvard University continuing education centre.

Yes You Can Consult

Within the Management sector, our focus is on these three key business areas: Marketing, Human Resource & Training.

Over the years we have executed effective marketing strategies to increase brand awareness of our clients, thus bringing them more sales and making them profitable and sustainable within their industry. In addition to our marketing strategies, we have developed marketing campaigns such as radio jingles, radio programmes that have been aired on various radio stations, social media adverts, & TV adverts.

Recruitment is finding the right people who desire to share in the company’s vision. In Nigeria today, this is quite difficult as everyone seem to be suffering from the get rich syndrome. We have a strategic recruitment process that we use to eliminate and select the right staff with/without the right experience. However, must be keen on learning and most importantly passionate about seeing the company they work for grow. In some cases, there are some positions that experience is key and we do not compromise here, however, experience without the right attitude means doom.

Your Preferred Consulting Agency

how can we help you?

Contact us at the yesyoucan office during our office hours or submit a business inquiry online.

Yes You Can Consult are part of the success driver of Shirleys Confectionery. We told them the dream and they ran with it. Shirleys is one of the biggest confectionery shops in Abuja with two branches – one being 24hours. Yes You Can were responsible for training, recruitment and marketing of our brand from inception. Their thoroughness, creative marketing strategy approach and ability to train staff to embrace a particular corporate culture is just a few of what makes them exceptional and great.

Amanze Iwuanyanwu
Chief Operations Officer , Shirleys Confectionery